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The Chain One

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“The chain” is about connections - the way chain links are connected to form a chain, the same applies to us - we’re all different but we’re part of the whole.

The piece is composed of manually crocheted modules that have different colors and intertwine to form a multifunctional object.

The wearer thus becomes the designer. One can change the chromatic order, the length but also its utility (necklace or bracelet).


Length: | (the length of the piece when it's opened; the interior circumference)

Max Thickness: | (the thickness measured in the thickest area of the piece)

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Materials & Care

The piece is created using polyester thread, polyester filling, glass beads . It can be hand washed with warm water, a bit of soap and a soft bristle brush. While it can also be washed in a washing machine we recommend using it in extreme cases only. We don't guarantee it won't lose its shape or change its colour after repeated washing cycles.


Each piece is handcrafted, therefore unique. So there might be some differences between the item in the photo and the item that you receive. Lidia tries to make them as identical as possible but getting them 100% is not the end goal. It’s an art piece after all.

The bright side is that the pieces get more refined with each iteration.

While we strive to create accurate photos of our items, not all screens display color the same way.

Settings like true tone, night shift or equivalent as well as the defaults of the displays, all affect the way colour is shown. In some circumstances we might also miss the perfect white balance in our photos (changing weather, polarizing filter).

Also, some yarns are more reflective than others (they are shiny). We use a polarizing filter to photograph them which reduces a bit of their true reflectivity.